26 Jan 2020


The Parish Council has formed an advisory committee to look into how best to create a Community Association for the Kirkby Malzeard Area. The committee comprises five Councillors together with a representative from each of the primary local organisations who own or lease property in the village.

The Councillors comprise Peter Saxon (Chair), Jane Aksut, Alan Brownlee, Geoffrey Berry and Howard Mountain. The primary local organisations comprise the Mechanics Institute, Highside Playing Fields Association, School, Pre-school, St Andrews Church and the Methodist Chapel.

The committee will need to agree the aims of the Community Association, draw up a Constitution and consider funding before applying to be registered as a Charity with the Charity Commission. The Association is described in the Terms of Reference set out by the Parish Council when creating the committee, as being an ‘umbrella organisation’ through which all local organisations (not only the primary organisations but also those who use the venues which they provide e.g. Women’s Institute, Bowls Club etc etc) would be involved, but we will consider all alternatives to ensure we end up with the model which works best for this community. There is nothing to be gained from creating an Association which simply duplicates what is already being carried out by individual organisations – it would need to save work rather than create it and draw in new people to be involved not just rely on those who are already giving their time with existing groups.

If any member of the public wishes to provide any input into the committee, the meetings will be held in public with an Agenda published three days before on noticeboards and on this website, as per full Council meetings.


Terms of Reference (re-adopted May 2019) : Community Association committee Terms of Reference

Committee meeting agenda December 19th 2018: KMLDPC - Agenda of KMCA December 2018   

Minutes meeting December 19, 2018 :  MINUTES - KMCA COMMITTEE DECEMBER

Committee meeting agenda January 17th 2019 : KMLDPC - Agenda of KMCA 17 January 2019

Minutes meeting 17 January, 2019 : MINUTES - KMCA COMMITTEE JANUARY.

Committee meeting agenda April 4, 2019 :  KMCA Agenda April 2019

Draft Minutes meeting April 4, 2019 : KIRKBY MALZEARD CA COMMITTEE APRIL 2019


LATEST (April 2020)

Since Spring 2019 work has been going on behind the scenes to finalise the Constitution which has now been completed.  An Application to the Charity Commission to register the Community Association as a Charity is to be made shortly.

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