03 Oct 2020

The vast majority of property owners comply fully with planning rules and in most cases if there are breaches, it is because people are unaware of the procedures and are then only too happy to comply when the omission is brought to their attention. As you may know, Harrogate Borough Council, who are the local Planning Authority, has a Planning Enforcement Office who investigate any such matters and will deal with any concerns about properties in this Parish on behalf of residents.

If, therefore, you consider that there may have been a breach of planning rules you can report this in writing direct to them: 

via post at Planning Enforcement Office, Harrogate Borough Council, PO Box 787, Harrogate HG1 9RW 

via email on

or by completing an on-line form using this link :

Should the breach you wish to report concern a Listed Building or Protected Tree this should be reported as soon as possible by phoning 01423 500600 and asking for the Enforcement Office. For all other breaches the report must be in writing. You will need to provide your details but they will be kept confidential. 

An Enforcement investigation will then be carried out. If there is found to be a harmful breach of planning control the persons responsible will be asked to rectify it, which often involves making a retrospective planning application or if the matter cannot be resolved via negotiation, there is then the possibility of enforcement action being taken.

Alternatively, if you prefer, you may raise the concern with the Parish Council and we shall contact the Enforcement Office on your behalf. Please write or email the Clerk or any of the Councillors in confidence and they will approve referral at the next Parish Council meeting. Any issues which the Councillors themselves have about possible planning breaches will be forwarded to Harrogate Council in this manner.

Cases will not be referred to individually in the Minutes as we consider that it would be unfair on property owners for them to have received unnecessary publicity if the concern ultimately proved unfounded. For the same reasons we do not publicise any Enforcement investigations about which Harrogate Council normally advise us on a routine basis. We obviously reserve the right not to forward on cases which we know to be unfounded as that would simply waste our time and that of the Enforcement Office.

As indicated initially most people abide by planning rules and it is therefore unfair if others deliberately flout or ignore them. The Parish Council considers that it has a responsibility to have a procedure in place for everyone to raise issues so that investigation and, if applicable, appropriate action can be taken.

If you have any queries on Enforcement matters please contact us.

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