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Flower and Produce Show

09 Aug 2022


 Kirkby Malzeard & District Annual
13:30 – 16:30
Closing date for entries: 9pm Sunday 21st August 
See inside for how to take part. There is something for everyone!

You can download the brochure and entry forms  HERE  

Held at The Mechanics Institute Kirkby Malzeard


Browse the schedule and decide what to enter. You can enter as many or as few as you like. And you don’t need to be an expert, everyone is welcome and encouraged to take part.
Complete the entry form at the back of this Schedule. Copies are fine if you run out of room! Drop your form with the fee (just 30p per entry for adults and free for 16&under) to one of the homes listed by the closing date.
Bring your actual entries to the Mechanics Institute between 7:30am and 9:30am on Show Day. There will be people there to show you what to do.
Come back from 1:30pm to see who has prizes, look at all the entries and enjoy some tea & cake.
Raffle, trophies and auction take place at 4:15.
Questions and offers of help in any shape or size:
Deb 07775 673 573 - Heather 07913 585 612 –
Community Groups – Village Show
Find us on facebook! (Kirkby Malzeard Flower and Produce Show)
We look forward to welcoming you!
Division One: Vegetables & Fruit 
Top Tray Award – 3 types of vegetable (see Prizes)
Kitching Trophy: 4 types of vegetable (see Prizes)
Three onions under 8oz (from seed, dressed)
Three onions over 8oz (from seed, dressed)
Three onions (from sets, dressed) 5a Three Red onions
Six shallots
Two trench leeks
Two parsnips (tops off)
Three carrots (tops on)
Four potatoes - white
Four potatoes - coloured
One cucumber
Four tomatoes
Six cherry tomatoes
Six pods of peas (inc stalk)
Four broad beans (inc stalk)
Six runner beans (inc stalk) 17a Six French Beans (inc stalk)
One cabbage (inc stalk)
Three beetroot, round (tops on)
One Mediterranean vegetable
One courgette (7” and under)
One marrow
One vegetable and one flower
One vegetable and one flower (ladies only)
Any vegetable not listed
Three cooking apples
Three dessert apples
Three stoned fruit (1 variety)
Dish of soft fruit1a (16&U). A vegetable creature 1b (16&U). Peas in a pod
***FUNNY-SHAPED FRUIT OR VEGETABLE*** ENTER ON THE DAYNo-one knows when the Funny Veg Fairy will visit.
If you are lucky this year bring your wonky fruit or veg 7:30-9:30 on show day

Division Two: Flowers & PlantsPot plants having been in the care of the exhibitor for min 6 months
Top Vase Award: Vase of mixed flowers (see notes under Prizes)
1 vase of 3 types of flower
Three decorative dahlias
Three pompom dahlias
Three cactus dahlias
Three stems of spray chrysanthemum
One gladioli stem
Three asters
Six sweet peas
One vase of annuals (3 kinds)
One vase of perennials (3 kinds)
One bowl of roses
Six pansy heads (on a board)
One rose
One vase of flowers – any one kind not scheduled
One vase of mixed herbs
One fuschia
One flowering pot plant
One foliage plant (not a cactus)
One complete hosta leaf
One cactus or succulent
One potted geranium
Three sunflower heads 2a (16&U). Any three flowers 2b (16&U). A plant I look after 
Division Three: Flower Arranging

A Royal Celebration
Button hole
An arrangement of garden flowers in a recycled container3a (16&U) – Miniature garden

Division Four: Arts and Crafts

Painting in watercolour or gouache
Painting in oil or acrylic
Artwork in any other medium
A handknitted item
An item of crochet
An item of soft craft
An item of hard craft (e.g. wood, metal, ceramics…)
A handmade accessory
A sewn item
An item of papercraft 4a (16&U) Pompom animal 4b (16&U). Pressed flowers 
Division Five: PhotographyLimit of 2 entries per class, unmounted, max 7x5”
Red, white and blue
Large and small
Sky5a (16&U). Spider!
Division Six: Preserves

One jar of jam (raspberry)
One jar of jam (any other variety)
One jar of marmalade (any variety)
One jar of lemon cheese (curd)
One jar of jelly (any variety)
One jar of chutney or piccalilli (any variety)6a (16&U). Any preserve, your own special flavour

Division Seven: Produce

Handmade Loaf (any variety)
Gluten-free baking (any variety)
Four Cheese Scones
Four brownies
One round of shortbread
Four flapjacks
Four pieces of tiffin
One apple pie
One Victoria Sponge (raspberry jam & dusted with sugar)
One Chocolate Fudge Cake (recipe below)
Your ‘Bake-Off’ Showstopper
One savoury pasty
One bottle of soft drink
One bottle of alcoholic drink
Six eggs
(Gentleman Only) Banana bread – feel free to add your own twist7a (16&U). Pizza
7b (16&U). Rocky road (4 pieces)
Set recipe for Class 85: Chocolate Fudge Cake
4 oz plain chocolate                  Fudge topping
½ pint of milk                              1oz butter
4oz butter/margarine                  2tbs milk
2 oz soft brown sugar.                1tbs cocoa
2oz caster sugar                         4oz icing sugar 8oz plain flour
2 eggs separated.
1 tsp Bicarbonate soda


Line a 7” by 11” cake tin.
Put chocolate and 4 tbs milk and the brown sugar in a pan until melted. Cream fat and sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in egg yolks, stir in flour and bicarb. Add the chocolate mixture. Beat until smooth. Whisk egg whites until fluffy, fold into the cake mixture. Pour in prepared tin and bake at 175C or 350 F for 50 minutes.
Fudge topping

Heat milk gently in a pan and sift in icing sugar and cocoa, mix well. Pour over warm cake.
Division Eight: Record Breakers

Heaviest Vegetable
Longest Marrow
Biggest Circumference Potato
Longest Carrot
Longest Bean
Tallest Sunflower* (in situ)
Largest Sunflower head 
Division Nine: Children, 16 and under

Picture or other ‘In my Garden’ – Age 4 & under
Picture (The Best Day Ever) – Reception,Yr1 & Yr2
Picture (The Best Day Ever) – Yr3 & Yr4
Picture (The Best Day Ever) – Yr5 & Yr6
Four animal shape biscuits – Age 8 & under
Four animal shape biscuits – Age 9 to16
A handwritten poem – Age 9-16
A piece of tie-dye – Age 8 & under
A piece of tie-dye – Age 9 to16
Anything else you have grown or made (0-16) 
This year we have also separate children’s
categories within the main divisions 1-8
(1 a, 2 a etc)
with a £5 voucher to be won in each division for the best entry in those children’s categories
Did you know…?
Our annual Show started as a Marrow Competition in the pub way back in 1982

PRIZES & NotesDivisions 1-9 - 1st £2.00 / 2nd £1.00 / 3rd 50p TOP TRAY AWARD (1) - Collection of 3 types of vegetable
1st £10.00 / 2nd £5.00 / 3rd £3.00

Display of three types of vegetables from the following list. The quantity of each type of vegetable required for display is given in brackets;Carrots (3), Cauliflower (2), Onions (3), Parsnips (3), Peas (6), Potatoes (3), Runner
Beans (6), Tomatoes (6).

Each individual type of vegetable will be judged to a total of 20 points split into three as follows; 7 points for size, shape and colour; 7 points for condition; 6 points for uniformity.
Vegetables must be displayed within an area measuring 18” by 24” without bending any part of them. No part of any exhibit may exceed the size of the tray. A tray or board measuring 18” by 24” can be used to display the vegetables or the area can be marked on the staging. When a tray has a lip or edge it must not exceed 18” by 24”.
A black cloth is permitted & the tray may be painted. Parsley is permitted for garnishing but no other foliage or accessories will be allowed. Onion tops may be tied or whipped using raffia. 
KITCHING (BUILDERS) TROPHY – Best exhibit in Class 2: Collection of 4 types of vegetable 1st £3.00 / 2nd £2.00 / 3rd £1.00
TOP VASE AWARD (32)– Mixed vase of home-grown flowers (open to everyone, not just those who grow for show). 1st £10.00 / 2nd £5.00 / 3rd £3.00

Mixed vase of flowers containing a total of between 5 & 10 stems taken from a minimum of two different kinds of flower, not two varieties of the same kind.

The display will be judged out of a total of 35 points split into; 25 points for the colour, form, condition, quality & freshness of the flowers on display &10 points for the overall presentation & effect of the plants in the vase. The vase will be viewed from all directions.
Plants used in the display should be showing flowers only; no seed heads or berries are allowed.
The vase can be any shape & size & made from any material, but must be in proportion to the display. No marks are awarded for the vase itself.
No accessories allowed e.g. bows and additional foliage. Foliage which is growing naturally from the flowering stem & still attached to the stem will be allowed. Packing material including oasis, is allowed to keep the stems in place

F&G PERPETUAL TROPHY – Most points in classes 3 - 29
W BENSON PLATE – Best exhibit in classes 10 – 11
CROSFIELD SALVER – Most points in classes 1 - 29 to anyone who has not previously won a trophy in section 1
ROBERT ELLIS PERPETUAL TROPHY – Best exhibit in Class 31
BOB PEACOCK PERPETUAL TROPHY – Most points in Classes 31-52
KIRKBY MALZEARD SHOW COMMITTEE TROPHY – Best exhibit in classes 31 – 52
ATKINSON LIVESTOCK TROPHY – Best exhibit in Classes 46 – 52

KEN GAMBLE PERPETUAL TROPHY - Best exhibit in Classes 53 - 56

JENNY RUTH ART AWARD - Best exhibit in Classes 57 - 59

ARMITAGE PERPETUAL TROPHY - Best exhibit in Classes 60 - 66

HENRY JENKINS PERPETUAL TROPHY - Best exhibit in classes 67 – 69
THE JOHN HILL TROPHY – Best exhibit in class 70-75
WENSLEYDALE DAIRY PRODUCTS TROPHY - Most points in Classes 76-89
HIGHSIDE BUTCHERS TROPHY – Best overall exhibit in classes 70-89
GLASPER TROPHY - Best exhibit in Class 89
THE COLIN CLARK PINT – Most points in classes 92-98
OWLET TROPHY – Best exhibit in Class 99
CASTILES TROPHY – Best exhibit in Classes 100 - 102
KIRKBY STORES SALVER – Best exhibit in Classes 103 - 104
VIC BUCKTON PERPETUAL SHIELD – Best exhibit in Classes 106 - 107
THE BRIAHAZE CUP – Most points in classes 99 – 108
*Tallest Sunflower 97 : a member of the committee will be in touch to measure your Sunflower in situ.

All entries must be the property of the exhibitor and have not been entered previously.
Entry fee of 30p per exhibit, children free.
Entries are accepted from residents of Kirkby Malzeard, children at Kirkby Malzeard Primary School, those within a 3 mile radius of the Mechanics Institute and the entire parish of Dallowgill.

**It is where you live, not where you grow that determines whether you can enter. E.g. If you live within the described area, but grow elsewhere please do join in.

Entries forms and fees must be submitted by
Sunday, 21st August 2022 at 9pm.
Exhibits must be delivered to the Mechanics Institute on the day of the show no later than 09.30. Prize winners may detach counterfoils and claim prize money from 13:30. Exhibits may not be removed until 16:00 to allow others to view.
The committee will issue you with a number which must be placed alongside your entry.
The committee will not accept responsibility for any damage or loss and exhibits are accepted only on this condition.
Prizes are awarded at the judge’s discretion.
PROGRAMME OF THE DAYStage your entries: 07.30 to 09.30
Judging:  10.00
Hall open to the public: 13.30 Presentation of trophies:15.30 Exhibits to be removed: 16:00Anything not collected will be sold in the Auction
Auction / Raffle: 16.15
The auction raises money for next years show.
Refreshments will be served

Entries forms & fees must be submitted by 9pmSunday 21st August 2022.
Completed forms may be left with 
Deb Tudbury
Well Garth, Back Lane, Kirkby Malzeard (next to Playing FIelds)
Entry fee of 30p per exhibit children (16 & under) free
Please add your age if you are 16 or under

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