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NYC Parish report - December

11 Dec 2023

Cllr Felicity Cunliffe-Lister Parish Report 

Kirkby Malzeard : December 2023 



Nothing further to report since last meeting.  


Community Partnership (Ripon) 



Local Plan 



Rural Broadband & Connectivity 

I have submitted an enquiry of the Executive to establish what the status is of housholds that fall outside the final phase 4 NYNet delivery, when the voucher scheme will be reinstated and – if not – what support will be available for households either via gigabit connection or capital grants for satellite access. I should have a response within 10 days.  


I have seen the update from Cllr Heap regarding mobile signal and his conversation with MBNL, I hope progress continues. I think Grewelthorpe residents use the same mast and experience the same difficulties, I will share this information with them if you are happy for me to.  


Council Meeting & Executive Decisions 

No Council meetings since the last report.  


Destination Management Plan 

I have raised a question of the Executive following my concerns about the progress of this, the quality of the current draft and the impact that the ongoing lack of strategy will have on tourism in the area. I have also asked for confirmation of how the LVEP funding will be allocated now this has been awarded to North Yorkshire and York jointly, and I have asked for an update on progress with establishing further partnerships in order to promote the Yorkshire brand.  


Highways/Roads & Flooding 


Nothing further to report since the last meeting. 



The Grange : I have not been notified of any further progress with the current application. 

Henry Jenkins : I see from the planning portal that the Committee refused permission for the current application.  

Mulberry Homes/Laverton Oaks : Comments from Highways still outstanding  


Locality Budget 

My 23/24 budget has now been allocated. Please let me know if there are any funding requirements for the New Year. 


Youth Councils 

No further progress since last report. 


Early Years Oral Health support 

I have written to all the Early Years providers in Masham & Fountains offering to support them with the provision of a Supervised Toothbrush Scheme. I am very concerned about the lack of NHS dental care and the impact this will have on children in particular – poor oral health can lead to infection, tooth loss and is associated with several chronic diseases. The scheme is administered by NYC, but is not being delivered to this ward as it is not a targeted one. I have sent the schools and childcare settings the links that they need to access this as a non-targeted setting, and for the costs involved (approximately £95 plus VAT/class plus £1/child for a take home toothbrush/toothpaste) I can look to my locality fund.  


Commuted Sums & CIL payments 

I have written to Kate Dawson asking for clarification regarding the anticipated Commuted Sum value due from the Mulberry Homes development, and what steps KM needs to take to ensure that the playground is allocated the sums due. 

She has advised that there are no CIL payments due to the Parish. 



I have had notification from the Harrogate Waste Team that, following a trial held in May 22 and April 23, there will be a roll out of blue lidded wheeled bins for plastics, glass and tins (to replace the black boxes). This has already started in some areas, you will be notified when the new bins are being delivered to your area, with the roll out due to complete March 24.  We are to continue to use our blue recycling bags for paper, card and cardboard. 


Cllr Felicity Cunliffe-Lister 

07592 114800 


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